Songs For Sorrow EP (2009)

  • Blue Eyes
  • Toy Boy
  • Lady Jane
  • Lonely Alcoholic

In June 2021 it has been 12 years since Mika released his Songs For Sorrow EP that came with a beautiful and very special limited edition illustrated book and was celebrated with lovely acoustic gigs in several European cities. I absolutely loved the whole concept with the strong sorrow theme and often think about it. The small acoustic tour at gorgeous theatre style venues was something that made me understand how much I enjoy different aspects in live music, the atmosphere was special.

The Songs For Sorrow EP includes four songs which all have a melancholic tone: Blue Eyes, Toy Boy, Lady Jane and Lonely Alcoholic. The mood on the EP is dark and has references to sexuality. Toy Boy has one of the most serious lyrics in Mika’s music. My personal favourite song on the EP is Lady Jane which shows Mika’s voice in such a beautiful, beautiful way and tells a surreal story about Lady Jane, the river fish. The contrast in the song is typical for Mika’s music. The melody and singing are classical and the lyrics poetic yet the expression “Lady Jane” creates pop culture style images.

Here’s another reason why you shouldn’t eat fish / convinced he’d become a creature of the sea / she cut off her feet and jumped into the deep / and never stopped looking for her lover below.

Blue Eyes and Toy Boy became established songs but we haven’t often heard Lady Jane after the Acoustic Tour. Luckily we still occasionally hear about Lonely Alcoholic, a mediocre writer who sings all the time writing songs about misfortunes and other people’s crimes. Sometimes I think how accurately Lonely Alcoholic described the pandemic long before it happened. Who didn’t have an extra glass of wine when this time period started. Many of us did.

The illustrated book related to the EP is a true collectors item and hard to find these days. It shows illustrations from Mika’s favourite designers and artists, names like Sophie Blackall, Jim Woodring, Paul Smith, Es Devlin, Alber Elbaz and obviously DaWack, just to mention a few. Famous names. The whole concept was brilliant and had a lot of thought behind.

Needless to say I was thrilled that exactly ten years after Songs For Sorrow (2009) Mika brought us Tiny Love (2019) that reminded me of Songs For Sorrow but was – of course – created in a totally new way. Instead of an EP everything was built around one song and instead of a booklet there was a beautifully made film. The official Tiny Love Tiny Tour included tiny, intimate gigs in the US, Canada and Mexico. Before the big Revelation Tour Mika did a few tiny style gigs also in Europe.

Below the Songs For Sorrow shirt and an example of the booklet. Video clips from the Acoustic Tour on my Instagram.