Social media makes people strangers and I miss the familiarity we feel at gigs when we enjoy music together. I wanted to add my blog an introduction about myself and I did it listing 10 things I like or find particularly interesting or important.

Traveling, obviously. I often travel alone and I enjoy it and think it’s good for me. It takes me out of my comfort zone. I love having routines in foreign cities. Some of my favourite places are Montmartre in Paris and Sicily in Italy and I hope to be back in places like Tokyo or Mexico City to learn to know them better.

Different cultures and everyday life in different countries. For example, I like hearing about local education systems and working culture. I live in a Nordic country where those topics are seen important and I’m an economist by my original education and have a long time interest in the issues. After the pandemic I will value possibilities to have small chats with people and to hear about their everyday life.

Artist’s and writer’s life. I collect books about Renaissance artists, 70’s and 80’s music and pop culture, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson, just as examples. I have a huge, huge passion for following Mika’s career as an artist. His music is the most important but I enjoy watching everything he does and it’s always hugely rewarding and often quite surprising. Mika loves to surprise people.

Things that keep their value over trends that come and go. I can recognise trends and often see them coming, I just don’t like that mechanism. I think it’s much better to create things that keep or even grow their value and that’s one of the many reasons I love Mika’s music. Gives me great pleasure to listen to his songs from the past and see how they are now at least as powerful as they were the time they were released.

Awareness and acceptance related to LGBTQ+, neurodiversity and other important issues. I see it extremely meaningful that Mika talks about serious topics in his music and in interviews giving people courage to find their way and to express their true identity. For example, warms my heart to hear someone as intelligent and successful as him talking about dyslexia as a part of his personality.

Honesty. I appreciate honesty and I can’t lie. Lying is simply not possible for me. I never told my children Santa is real. I told them Santa is a holiday tradition that makes our Christmas more exciting and that was just fine. I find faking uncomfortable as well and always hope to see something genuine.

People from different age groups and backgrounds. At Mika gigs I look at the audience and see kids, teens, adults and grandparents. I see drag queens and all kind of creative, colourful people, I see professors and doctors and accountants. You name it, anything, and I absolutely love that. It’s crazy how music can unite us and it’s crazy people can be so different yet so similar.

Small rituals I connect to different Mika songs. Every time I drink something colourful like juice or smoothie I choose a suitable Mika song and quietly in my mind raise my glass to it. I can’t help it, I do it every time. I play Boum Boum Boum or Tomorrow on Fridays for the mood and I always listen to Versailles Last Party sitting on my sofa that I bought when Mika was rehearsing for the song (he posted about it on instagram). I like my little rituals.

Simplicity. On stage simplicity creates intimacy and makes every emotion stronger. Of course, there’s time and place for everything. Sometimes I just want to have my eyes and mouth full of confetti or see all the colours of rainbow at once.

Escaping to different worlds and atmospheres. This is the biggest reason I love concerts. For two hours we can live a weird, dreamy life in a different, absolutely magical world. It’s easy for me to build worlds in my mind as well. One sentence from a song or a book and I lost my sense of time and can spend hours in my thoughts.

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