Soundtrack Of Empathy

Mika is collaborating with Indeed during Pride month 2021 and as a part of the collaboration he published a Spotify playlist with a tag “SoundtrackOfEmpathy”. The idea is to create a playlist that describes us and to share it, in this case with coworkers, to raise empathy and to make everyone feel comfortable at their workplace. Playlists can be revealing and tell a lot about us. See Mika’s playlist here and the interview he did with Indeed here. I added his playlist below to be able to view it easily.

  • We’re Going To Be Friends / White Stripes
  • The Divine Chord / The Avalanches, MGMT, Johnny Marr
  • Piel Canela / Eydie Gormé, Los Panchos
  • Lost / Frank Ocean
  • Tayf (Ghost) / Mashrou’ Leila
  • People, I’ve been sad / Christine and the Queens
  • Tongue / MNEK
  • Heavy Gross / Gossip
  • I Love You / Woodkid
  • Save Your Tears / The Weeknd
  • Get It Right / Yasmine Hamdan
  • Real Groove / Kylie Minogue
  • Fantastic Man / William Onyeabor
  • Everyday / Buddy Holly
  • Bein’ Green / Andrew Bird
  • Bike Dream / Rostam
  • Smalltown Boy / Bronski Beat
  • One / Harry Nilsson
  • Remember Where You Are / Jessie Ware
  • Little Boxes / Malvina Reynolds
  • Close To Me – Close Mix / The Cure, Paul Oakenfold
  • I Wish I knew How It Would Feel To Be Free / Nina Simone

Some of the songs on the playlist are expected, we all know Mika listens to Nina Simone and Harry Nilsson and he has often mentioned songs like Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat and Everyday by Buddy Holly as meaningful songs to him. Also, I knew to expect names like Gossip and Kylie Minogue. Several names on the list are new that way though, something I didn’t know to connect to Mika at all. In the interview Mika explains he created the playlist thinking of an imaginary date and that made me smile because there are several quite particular and complicated songs on the list. Exactly the kind of music I assume to find on Mika’s playlist, just a long list for a first date. A lot of cards on the table but I guess it’s possible to start slowly and drop the first song on the list first, then gradually continue.

I love the song Mika has chosen in the beginning of his playlist and think it’s an ideal start for any relationship. We’re Going To Be Friends by White Stripes is one of those pretty, simple songs I like most on his list. Bein’ Green by Andrew Bird and One by Harry Nilsson are in the same category. I love seeing such thought-provoking songs on the list. Of the other songs I really like Tayf (Ghost) by Mashrou’ Leila. Obviously, I had to google the background story. I hope we will soon see another collaboration between Mika and Mashrou’ Leila, Promiseland for I Love Beirut was a mind-blowing experience. My favourite song on Mika’s Soundtrack Of Empathy list is probably I Love You by Woodkid. With strong melancholy and quite particular singing it could be directly added to my own playlist and I listen to the song and think there must be a lot melancholy in Mika as well. Of course, there’s darkness also in his own music.

I love the idea behind Soundtrack Of Empathy and enjoyed being able to have a look at Mika’s playlist. Like many of my friends, I created my own minimalist playlist and chose 10 different songs by 10 different artists even though I believe 10 different Mika songs would probably describe me as a person more accurately. His music makes me smile and it makes me cry, I use his music to focus my own thinking, I connect themes from his songs to everything I see, to everything I read. Mika’s collaboration with Indeed will continue with an online concert and conversations around the Pride topic, very much looking forward to both.