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I appreciate straightforward, honest atmosphere and authenticity in people. When I watch an artist on stage I love seeing their personal touch and their strong personal style. It’s important to know that the latest look is not just a creation by the latest machinery around the artist but something that goes much, much deeper and for that reason I always look for details that refer to continuity and loyalty to style, to people, even to brands.

For artists it’s important to create something totally new. At the same time it’s important to stay loyal to something that we see in the core of their work. It can’t be easy to find the balance but it’s possible and I always want to think that even though his team is big, even though he works with professionals from many different fields Mika is still always in control of every detail, that he always makes sure everything represents him as an artist and as a person, whether we talk about his music, style or values.

I love seeing how certain themes, patterns, colour combinations or outfits keep appearing in different forms year after another. The colours of the giant cake at Bercy 2016 repeated the colour scheme we saw at Parc des Princes 2008. Dotted dresses from the Imaginarium Tour 2010 transformed to dotted ruffle shirts for the Revelation Tour in 2019. We saw the planets again, we saw the moon on the background. During the years we have seen hearts as details in outfits and motives in flags, even as the shape of the stage at Stage de France in 2018.

There’s always family involvement so Mika’s team has always people who know him better than anyone else ever could. Mika is loyal to people he has worked with since the beginning of his career. My favourite person on stage with Mika is his friend Ida Falk Winland who has worked with Mika since they both studied at the Royal Collage of Music in London. Ida was a part of Happy Ending when it was recorded for the first time, she was wearing a pale pink Marie Antoinette style dress during the festival summer 2011 and she was a part of the show – again in a pink dress – in Versailles in 2020.

When Mika performed at Versailles Royal Opera in December 2020 I wasn’t sure which one I found more thrilling, seeing this extraordinary, very special symphony concert unexpectedly in the middle of the pandemic or seeing the Marie Antoinette fantasy theme with royal outfits and chandeliers from 2011 literally coming true at this amazing, historical venue.

We have seen several repeating collaborations during the years. In France Mika likes work and write music with Doriand and in Italy he often asks Chiara Galiazzo to join him on stage for a couple of songs. Below Mika performing with Chiara in Naples 2014 and in Milan 2019.

First Louboutin men’s shoes were designed for Mika for his huge Parc des Princes concert in 2008 and we have been lucky to see Louboutins on stage ever since. If you want to hear more about these two men working together I highly recommend listening to this interesting podcast. Another good style example is Valentino and their suits personally designed for Mika. Nothing can compete with the gorgeous personal style created earlier by Mika’s mother and later by his sister Paloma but every detail on stage is always truly elegant and I enjoy seeing loyalty and friendship between Mika and the designers he loves to use.

Sometimes I wonder why these things are so important to me, why I have to be this old-fashioned. I just love seeing the evolution and clear growth in everything, I love it how stubborn Mika can be with his own style, how he wants to make things in his own way and I know in the long run that always pays off. It’s always worth it, he’s always expressing his own signature style.

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