Paris October 2021

There are so many good quality exhibitions in Paris in October 2021. I spent a few days in Paris around The Voice semi final and had booked myself in advance several museum and exhibition tickets to see the selection and of course just to feed my mind after the long pandemic time. I made my booking decisions according to my own interests, I’m interested in photography and cinema for example, but also took account the locations. During short trips I like to make things in an easy way and also walk between places as much as possible.

I started my museum tour at Musee d’Orsay which is one of my favourite museums for several reasons. I love the building, I enjoy their general collection and also think that the themes for their special exhibitions are usually interesting. This time wasn’t an exception. I saw their two current special exhibitions and liked the both but found Cinema At Last (Arts, Images and Entertainment in France, 1833-1907) particularly my taste. It included cinema and Paris related paintings, small old film clips and other material. The colours were absolutely beautiful!

After Musee d’Orsay I had just enough time to walk to Musee du Luxembourg to see their Vivian Maier exhibition and even though this was something I had looked forward to most it still exceeded my expectations. I knew her basic story and had seen many of her photos in books but seeing the full exhibition was still a true experience. Every single photo was full of information and logic. Imagine having an eye like that, imagine being able to immediately see patterns and repetitive details in everything around you the way she was capable. I find all that astonishing and when I looked the photos I felt I was in the middle of something extraordinary. What an extremely impressive woman who was actually a nanny. Museum bookstores are my big weakness, I bought several books and of course cards to add in my notebook.

The last museum for my first day in Paris was the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition at Centre Pompidou. I felt the exhibition was organised in a bit confusing way meaning it wasn’t obvious to me how to walk through the exhibition so I didn’t learn about the artist as much as I had hoped. After a while I decided just to walk around and enjoy the colours and shapes and it was pleasant indeed, a proper colour therapy session. It’s possible I was simply tired already and just needed to enjoy the art in a relaxed way. Three museums during one day is a lot, I usually limit the amount one per day.

During the second day I saw only one exhibition and that was Paris – Athens at Louvre. Beautiful and informative, I have to say. Maybe not as personally interesting as the ones I saw day before but still a lovely exhibition and must see to those who love history. This is the one I recommend to my husband who definitely enjoys history more than photography for example.

I had decided to start the third day with an exhibition that is not something I would typically pick and chose Vogue Paris 1920-2020 at Palais Galliera and surprisingly found it very much my taste. Nice and compact exhibition and I enjoyed particularly photographs and illustrations from older time periods. Elegant vintage style, many huge, iconic names in photos – artists, musicians, film stars – and obviously famous photographers. All the elements were represented.

After Palais Galliera I walked to Petit Palais which I hadn’t booked in advance. Petit Palais has a free entry so it felt a suitable place to visit even though I didn’t know what to expect and I was happy I went there. There’s a wonderful Ilja Repin exhibition as well (that one needs to be booked in advance, the entry is not free) but as I had already seen that twice in Helsinki I focused on Narcissus Theorem by Jean-Michel Othoniel displayed in the garden. I had a beautiful walk in the Petit Palais garden, then sat a moment having tea in the garden cafe and after that walked around the general collections inside. A beautiful building and lovely atmosphere, very much worth visiting.

I had booked a ticket to see the Morozov collection at Foundation Louis Vuitton, it sounded really interesting, but I felt I was too busy and the location wasn’t the most practical so I skipped that one and it was fine as I already saw a lot for three days. I started every day walking around Montmartre and for me that is the most important part of my each Paris trip right after seeing Mika. I love watching the Montmartre dogs. The streets are empty early hours, just dogs with their humans. There are so many dogs. They live like in their own world and seem to have a busy social life. A few Montmartre photos from my mobile below.

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