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I believe that songs are just recipes, and that interpreting them in different ways is what gives them life.

The quote from the OSM interview from 2015 is one of my favourites, not only because it’s a cooking reference coming from our favourite chef but because I love the thought. One of the reasons why I always look forward to another concert is because I know the performance will be unique. I love hearing new arrangements for older songs years after releasing, I love how they can become totally fresh. I love going through many different versions of each song and it doesn’t have to be as drastic as putting acoustic or symphonic versions next to band or album versions, just small added details mean a lot for the atmosphere. During tours songs can evolve a little bit here and there almost every night, particularly Imaginarium and Heaven tours were very good examples of that.

After Philharmonie de Paris it’s been difficult for me to think about anything else than music and those two concerts. I want to live those moments and that magical atmosphere again and again. Sometimes it’s challenging to live in reality. Instead I want to live inside of Mika’s music, occasionally in my favorite films or in Montmartre which as a place represents me something half real, half fairytale.

In Finland November is one of the darkest months. If you don’t live in North it can be hard to understand how short the day time can really be. Today, November the 5th, it’s exactly 50 days until the Christmas Eve. I was wondering how on earth I’m supposed to get through this dark time of the year and had an idea to randomly choose myself a song of the day for each day. I did it totally randomly. I wrote song titles on small pieces of paper and picked one for each day and marked them in my calendar.

Happy Ending that I picked as my first song of the day is such a big classic that I wanted to choose some details and examples to share. I went through my archives and listened to my favourite old versions of the song and felt an enormous amount of love in my heart. I felt so warm inside, I could almost see tiny little hearts in the air. Some songs are so meaningful it’s hard to explain. These days I rarely film Happy Ending. It’s a very special song. Every time I hear it I feel purely grateful to be there that moment and just automatically as a gesture put my camera or mobile down to tell I’m here to listen to you.

The video below is like a small Happy Ending memory lane. Nothing technically advanced, I simply put small clips together. All of the clips are my own, they represent how I saw these live performances, they tell what was my perspective that day. The second video from Stockholm 2010 is one of the most legendary Happy Ending performances I can remember. Sweden is Ida’s home country and also a country next my own and I didn’t know it that time but seeing Mika performing anywhere near my country is extremely rare. The third video is from the Heaven Tour Marseille gig in 2015 and I added it because I find the version extremely beautiful and also somehow different than it usually is. Hope you enjoyed my song of day. X

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